Jordan Grant-Leanna

Jordan is an executive recruiter specializing in the medical industry, with a strong focus on innovative medical device and diagnostic areas. He has successfully built strong relationships with key clients in the Japanese market and introduced top candidates for difficult-to-fill positions in commercial, RA/QA, and finance roles.

“Only settle for the best.” – Is a motto he lives by.

Beginning his journey to Japan via Rotary International in 2012 and continued his involvement with them over the next 7 years. Since then, he has engaged in several projects, including starting his own business in arboriculture, public accounting, and establishing a non-profit at home. With a passion for entrepreneurship and the aim of growing the community, he identified healthcare recruitment as the perfect vehicle toward both ends of empowering others and striving for excellence.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, a massive valley located in the heart of the US, he is always looking for the next mountain to climb. Jordan is passionate about music, martial arts, nature, philosophy, wine, and trekking mountains during a typhoon.