IT Strategy Consultant (Global)

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Published:   2022/02/16


Full time




~ ¥ 15,000,000




*This role requires native level Japanese and Business English*


Our Technology Transformation Unit provides comprehensive services from strategy development to implementation support in all areas of technology to help clients strengthen their competitiveness through technology.

Our main mission is to provide our clients with essential solutions that are not biased only towards technology, based on the client's industry and business issues. Our team responds to technology-related business issues that support our clients' global business. We have two main areas of business: outbound business to support the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, and inbound business to provide support in Japan for foreign companies to develop their business in Japan.

(Outbound Project) 
We provide support for the development of information systems for the overseas business expansion of Japanese clients, the renewal of information systems already in place in Japan, and support for business reorganization and system consolidation and abolition due to mergers and acquisitions. In addition, we also support the formulation and implementation of IT governance, such as how to manage global data and systems from Japan.

(Inbound projects) 
We work with global offices around the world to help promote projects while successfully matching the plans of the local headquarters with the specific situation in Japan.


(Global expansion)
There are projects in Southeast Asia, China, Europe, and the United States. There is a possibility that you will be stationed overseas in order to gain a certain level of experience and provide deeper value to the overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies.


  • Experience being proactively involved in some kind of IT project
  • Business-level English proficiency - Basic skills such as high level of logic and communication skills

Senior Consultant 

  • Experience in global IT project
  • Business level English
  • Good logic and communication skills

Above Manager

  • Experience as a PM or PL in a global IT project
  • Business level English skills