Principal consultant

Arthur (Riku) Ogawa

Arthur has spent early years of his life overseas and visited various countries around the globe. After he got a degree in Moscow, Russia he acquired a scholarship from the Chinese government, spending the next few years in university in Beijing. In the course of his student life he has also had work experience in New York, USA and has even represented his university for an international student congress in Germany. In addition to the multi-cultural background he is also a fluent English, Russian, Japanese and Chinese speaker.

Arthur’s professional principals are very simple. First, is to put himself in his customers’ shoes and act based on their requests. Second, is to provide constant feedback to his customers followed by expert advice. Third, is to pay attention to the details. As an ambitious and experienced executive recruiter at this point of his life he fully commits himself to Japan healthcare recruitment. During his free time Arthur keeps himself in good shape by working out, besides he is doing research about investment in general and investment opportunities in Japan. He is a truly open person who is excited to meet new people for a compelling conversation in a formal or casual atmosphere.