Executive Search & Market Entry Manager

Arthur (Riku) Ogawa

Riku spent his early years in Europe before studying in Germany and the USA, where he was exposed to the local culture and business environment. Following this, he was awarded a 4 year government scholarship in Beijing, China and has mastered Chinese language to a fluent level. Interesting fact, during his mid-semester vacation he was even invited to participate in one of the legendary Jackie Chan’s movies with a speaking part!

Riku then relocated and began his professional career in Japan, building strong cultural and professional ties to the land which led to him eventually becoming a Japanese citizen. Professionally, Riku is an expert in executive and retained search, taking on and pushing forward very complex, custom-designed market entry and search projects in Japan & APAC region. As a rule, he sets realistic expectations, making the search process transparent and predictable. No doubt that his own expertise as well as his extensive personal network of industry executives and opinion leaders makes an enormous difference.

On a personal note, Riku is probably the best person to ask for refined wine, exquisite Japanese and Chinese cuisine recommendations in Tokyo and you may find him at such establishments during his free time.